Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's the book, not the paper that counts

I'd just like to give Michael Hyatt a virtual cookie for his resounding common sense in his latest post "Is It Really Books That We Love?"
I think books are similar. I don’t believe that people are as wedded to the technology as they think they are. What they love about books are the stories and the content. They remember how those words made them feel. They love the experience of reading and the places that takes them. The delivery mechanism just happens to be a book—granted a very sophisticated technology that hasn’t really changed in hundreds of years.

Spot on and bravo! It amuses me that this industry is so terrified by technology that we, by and large, haven't grasped the simple fact that we're in the content business. It's the way our users experience our content, not the way it gets to them, that is the important thing.

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