Monday, March 3, 2008

Huzzah! A book trailer that actually works

If all book trailers were as good as this one, I’d be much more convinced of their value:


This was created by film-makers from the national film & television school (in the UK) in conjunction with Random House. Find out more at the booksatrandom and websites.

Sounds like a smart promotion to me, and it’s certainly led to a very high class product! I’d buy The Outcast based on this trailer (but not on the blurb)…


S F said...

Many book trailers work. Unfortunately it is mostly the professionally made ones, the ones that cost money.
I saw the UK trailers, all of them are very good.
Of course if you had to pay to have that quality book trailer in the US, not by students who get insurance, equipment, etc. for free, you would be looking at about $15,000 to $25,000 US dollars.
$15,000 to $25,000?!!!
Thus, a contest was born. lol

webgoddess said...

It's a creative solution I'll admit! :)

Book trailers rarely work for me. Personally, I don't find a retelling of the blurb very interesting - I can read it faster (with less bandwidth) for a start!

I tend to like trailers that delve in to the atmosphere of a book, but that is hard to create quickly AND cheaply AND to output in the minute or two that most audiences will permit...

Are there any that you particularly like that you can link me to?

S F said...

I find that traditional readers (those who use books as a primary entertainment source) prefer back cover copy. You get into the 19-25 year old crowd though and the stats start to change.

Here are a few that I think get the "feel" of the book across-

The Price

Sleeping With the Devil

Pearl Jinx

Dark Demon

Lessons of Desire

Even if you're not personally a fan of book video, there's something to be said for the growing popularity of the medium. If it brings people to books, it has value.

We have over 300 booksellers that we submit our videos to. You'll find them on Borders, BN, Powells, Amazon, etc. all the time. Not as content.

We also had someone contact us last week and ask to use our book videos as "content" for a major transportation company that puts video screens in buses and cabs in five major cities. He said we'd get 10 million impressions a week. We said, "Yes! We'll do it!" He equated our videos to music videos. Yeah, the sell something, but they are also entertainment.

These are the opportunities, not just for authors using them to promote a book, but to show Joe Public that books are exciting and fun. To remind them that reading is a form of entertainment. To help build the readers of tomorrow.

Oops. Sorry. Didn't mean to get on my "promote reading" soapbox. Happens to me all the time. lol